Slang, Definitions & Glossary



All Day Vape – an e-liquid that you like so much you can vape it all day.

Alternative Cigarettes

This is a term used to describe e-cigarettes, as they are known as the alternative to traditional or tobacco cigarettes.


A vaping term for normal cigarettes.


Advanced Personal Vapouriser – Many people in the vaping community feel the word “electronic cigarette”, and its connotations with smoking, is unfortunate. Advanced Personal Vapouriser is one of several terms used as an alternative for more modern electronic cigarettes.


Action on Smoking and Health. Along with their allies, the organisation opposes the electronic cigarette. ASH UK cautiously supports the device but also supported the Tobacco Products Directive, which will put major restrictions on e-cigs.

An atomiser (Atty)

An electronic component that turns the nicotine solution contained within the e-cigarette into vapour. The word is starting to fall into disuse, with more people using the word coil.

Automatic Switch

As automatic batteries don’t come with a switch to activate or operate an automatic switch is used and is activated when thee smoker takes a drag on the device.



The power source for the atomiser is an electronic cigarette. Maybe replaceable, or integrated into the product.

Blend, Ratio, Or PG/VG

The Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycerin ratio in a bottle of e-liquid.

BCC (Bottom Coil Clearomiser)

A clearomiser where the atomiser and heating coil is located at the bottom of the clearomiser. Usually also filled from the bottom end of the clearomiser rather than from the top.

BDC (Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser)

A bottom coil clearomiser with two coils. Provides more vapour and a stronger throat hit, but uses up batteries quicker than a single coil clearomiser. Increasingly being replaced by vertical coil clearomisers.

BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil Clearomiser)

A bottom coil clearomiser with a single coil in vertical configuration, allowing improved airflow. Available in clearomisers such as the Aspire Nautilus Mini.

Box Mod

A box shaped e-cigarette. May or may not have a replaceable battery.


Vapers who prefer box mods.


A covering over the atomiser in some coils.


A power converter which steps down voltage while stepping up current.


A build refers to homemade coils for RBA/RDA/RTA setups (all 3 listed below, don’t worry!). Many hardcore vapers take pride in these and will show off pictures of their latest “build” in forums and on social media.


Car Adapter

A useful piece of kit a car adapter connects via a USB charger so that you may charge up when driving.


The first e-cig devices were made up of a battery with a separate cartridge and atomiser. These evolved into cartomisers, which combined the separate cartridge and atomiser into a single package.


A plastic tube-like piece that is usually stuffed with some sort absorbent filler material that holds the juice.


Abbreviation of cartridges.


Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association ( Non-profit organisation campaigning on the behalf of electronic cigarette users.

Ceramic Coils

A type of coil advertised as having a longer life span and creating more flavour and vapour. Following testing, safety concerns about ceramic coils in cartomisers have been voiced by Dr Farsalinos, who believes that specks of ceramic could come loose from the coils. While ceramic coils can vary a lot (i.e. because there are safety concerns about some ceramic coils, these may be specific to the coil tested), the jury is still out on these.


E-cig designed to look like a traditional cigarette.



A type of coil configuration. A clapton coil has a thin wire wrapped around a thicker wire that forms the main coil to offer more surface area to the wick.


A combined cartridge and atomiser with clear walls, which allow the user to see how much e-liquid remains in the cartridge.


A copy of a branded e-cigarette. Many of the top brands now feature authenticity stickers.

Cloud Chasing

The pursuit of blowing massive clouds. (Person = Cloud Chaser).


Exhaled vapour.


A coil is the part of the e-cig that heats e-liquid and turns it into vapour.


Sanitary cover for the drip tip/mouthpiece of an e-cigarette.

Custom Mod

A mod that has been customised by the user. Not available to purchase off the shelf, for example steampunk mods.



A harmful compound which has been found in some e-juices, although generally far below levels found in cigarette smoke. If you are worried, ensure you only buy e-liquid from companies which test their e-liquid.

Digital Cigarette

A digital cigarette is another term used to describe an e cig or electronic cigarette.


The point on top of the mod that you attach the tank to.


Refers to dipping an atomiser into e-juice before vaping.

Disposable E-Cigarette

Designed to be used once and then disposed of after e-liquid has run out.


Do it Yourself – References juice mixed by vaper not pre-mixed by distributor, and home made e-cigarettes.

DNA Chipset

A brand of chipset that provides control and delivery of power to e-cigarettes.


A mod that uses the DNA chipset.


A draw or drag is the term used for when an e smoker inhalers on the e cigarette and takes in the vapour products made via the heating of the e liquid contained within.

Drip Shield

Prevents e-juice leaking when using drip tips.

Drip Tip/Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece of the e-cigarette. Generally replaceable.


Where e-liquid is dripped directly onto the coil, usually using a custom built mod.

Dry Burn

The effect you get when you heat your coil with no or insufficient e-liquid. Usually done by accident, some vapers do this on purpose to remove residue. Can lead to the cotton catching fire. Scientists have advised against this.

Dry Hit

A puff from an e-cigarette when there is no juice being heated into vapour, resulting in an unpleasant burnt taste and harsh throat hit.

Dry Smoking

Done when atomiser is flooded with solution. Remove the mouthpiece, take out the cartridge, replace the mouthpiece and inhale. Be very careful to avoid damaging the atomiser by overheating it.

DTL (Direct To Lung)

In contrast to Mouth to Lung vaping, in Direct to Lung vaping the vapour is inhaled to the lung without being held in the mouth first.



E-Cigarette Consumer Association of the UK. Grassroots organisation which represents UK consumers and also organised National Vaping Day in 2012. No longer active.


Abbreviation for E-Cigarette Forum.


Just a shortened name for Electronic Cigarettes.

E-Cig Accessories

These accessories may include lanyards for carrying your e cigarette, extra chargers, batteries and more. Anything which might enhance your e smoking enjoyment and ease of use.


Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association. Represent the UK electronic cigarette industry. Members have to pay a monthly fee, adhere to strict standards and undergo strict twice yearly audits. Also campaigns for fair regulations on behalf of its members.


Abbreviation for E-Cigarette Reddit.


EGo (Also Written As Ego Or EGO)

Originally an electronic cigarette model produced by JoyTech. Ego is now used to refer to the type of fitting of a clearomiser or cartomiser. An e-cigarette battery style that offers two different threading types.

Electronic Cigar

Similar to the electronic cigarette (see below) but with a cigar style and flavour.

Electronic Cigarette

A device where an atomiser vapourises the nicotine which is then inhaled as vapour as compared to the smoke normally inhaled from a cigarette. Also known as the E-Cigarette, the E-Cig, Electro-fag and even the E-Ciggy.

E-Liquid/E-Juice/Vape Juice

A liquid solution containing a mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavouring and sometimes nicotine that is heated in the e-cigarette to create vapour.


Electronic Nicotine Devices, another term for electronic cigarettes. Frequently used in scientific papers on e-cigarettes. Some vapers like the term as it suggests the END of smoking.


An e-cigarette that looks like a tobacco smoking pipe.


Smoking with an electronic cigarette.



Often refers to the material used to pack a cartomiser. It is an extension of the wick, and absorbs e-liquid that is supplied to the coil. Can also be called wadding or filler.


Raised metal ridges, commonly placed on the drip tip of a tank, designed to dissipate heat. The Aspire Triton is an example of a tank design using fins.

Flavour Cartridge

Not used commonly yet still worth mentioning the flavour cartridge is a term used to describe the e cigarette cartridge which contains the flavouring and nicotine solution.


Flavour Chaser

A person who prioritises flavour from their e-cig (often used in comparison with cloud chasing).

Flavour Cigarette

One of the first smokeless cigarettes. See Norman Jacobson below for more information.

Flavour Ghosting

When you taste the previous flavour you were vaping after switching e-juice.


When too much juice is applied to the atomizer resulting in decreased vapour production, gurgling noises, and possible juice leaking into the drip tip.


Genesis Atomiser

A style of RBA that consists of a tank below the coil deck. A wick (often stainless steel mesh) is fed through a hole into the tank and the coil on the deck.



Han Li (Commonly Known In The West As Hon Lik)

Inventor of the modern e-cigarette.

Herbert Gilbert

Considered by many to be the true inventor of the e-cig, he designed, patented and built a battery powered inhalation device in the 1960’s.


The hit is the sensation of the inhalation of the vapour. Also referred to as the throat hit.

Hookah Pen

Also known as shisha pens. Popular at one time, these were a style of e-cigarette, generally long and thin.

Hot Spots

On clearomiser coils, refers to a hot spot on the coil which can cause burning or bad taste. Some regulated mods have features to avoid this.


A mechanical mod designed without standard ego or 510 connection. The tank is essentially screwed directly onto the battery.



Independent British Vaping Trade Association. A new trade association set up to support the independent vape industry.



A measure of energy. Can be described as the work required to produce one watt of power for one second.


Kanthal Wire

Trademarked name for a family of alloy used in resistance wires.



The light at the end of the e-cig (light emitting diode). This lights up when the user inhales, resembling an analogue. Depending on the model, the LED may convey information to the user about the battery, i.e. flashing when the battery is running out or glowing green to show it is fully charged.


Occasionally a malfunction or a cartridge being overfilled will result in some leaking or leakage. Maintaining the cigarette and being practised at refilling dramatically reduces the chances of this happening.

Lithium Ion Batteries

These batteries, often referred to as being the most powerful / the strongest available are what are used to power the e cigarettes.


Abbreviation for low resistance. See resistances.

Lung Hit/Lung Rip

Inhaling vapour directly from the atomiser into your lungs, as one would take a normal breath.



Milliamp hour (1/1000th of an amp hour). Commonly used for displaying battery strength/output.

Mech Mod (Mechanical Mod)

Modified e-cigarettes that have no regulatory electronic chip or safety features. Generally used by advanced users to accomplish “Cloud Chasing”.


A microcomputer may also be referred to as a smart chip. This chip is in basic terms the piece of advanced technology which sends a specific signal from the battery to the atomizer, effectively making it work.


This is the piece of the battery which controls both the LED light/s and the heating element or coil.


A milligram is the measurement used to show how much e liquid or how much nicotine is in use.


Originally the name for an electronic cigarette which has been modified into a unique design. Now frequently used to describe mass manufactured box style e-cigarette batteries or battery housing units.

Mouth Hit/Mouth Rip/Mouth-To-Lung/MTL

Drawing vapour into the mouth before inhalation, similar to smoking a cigarette. May or may not be followed by inhalation.


The mouthpiece is the section at the end of the e cigarette through which the e smoker will inhale the vapour produced, much in the same way they would on the end of a tobacco cigarette.




Abbreviation of nicotine used a lot by vapers.

Nic Base

A nicotine base designed for mixing with “short fill” e-liquids. Typically comes in a pg/vg mix but with no flavours.


Nicotine is the ingredient found in e-cigarettes (within the e-liquid), making the e smoking experience as pleasant as it is, producing a sensation many smoke e-cigarettes to enjoy.

Nicotine Level

This is the amount of nicotine contained within a cartridge (or bottle/vial of e liquid).

Nicotine Liquid

The nicotine liquid contains the nicotine obviously (e liquids come in varying levels of nicotine strengths) as well as flavourings within a base solution. This nicotine liquid is what is heated to produce a vapour.

Nichrome/Nickel Wire

Nickel Chrome or nichrome wire can be used to measure the temperature of the coil in temperature control mods.

Nic Salt

Nicotine salt is the type or form of nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes, allowing for a higher level of nicotine but smoother hit – popular with people giving up smoking.


New Nicotine Alliance. An independent, non-commercial registered charity promoting an understanding of e-cigarettes and seeking an appropriate regulatory environment.


0mg Nicotine (No added Nicotine).

Norman L Jacobson

Pioneered the use of the term vaping.



A measure of electrical resistance. A lower number indicates lower resistance resulting in faster heating.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton, especially Japanese, is favoured by many vapers for use in e-cig wicks.



E-cigarette battery style that allows use while charging.


Personal Charger Case/Portable Charging Case. Used to charge cigalike devices on the go.


A particular style of electronic cigarette, known for its resemblance to a ball point pen.

Personal Charging Case

This is a case which has been designed for e smokers to keep their e cigarettes close for easy access. They may also aid charging when necessary. The case is charged at home and then used as a slim cigarette case and which may be used as an emergency charger when out and about.

Personal Vapouriser (Or PV)

An alternative name for the electronic cigarette.


Propylene Glycol – A thin, tasteless liquid used as a base for e-juice, associated with the “throat hit” of the juice.


The process of soaking your new coil before use. This reduces the chances of dry burn and burnt out coils and is essential when using more powerful set ups.


A pull is the same as a puff, a drag or a draw. These are all different terms for the same action of taking in the vapour of an e cigarette to enjoy the throat hit and flavourings.




Rebuildable Atomiser.

Regulated Mod

Modified e-cigarettes that still contain a regulating electronic chip and safety features.


Refers to the resistance of the coil in the atomiser (measured in Ohms). A lower resistance produces more heat and vapour.


Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser.


Rebuildable Tank Atomiser.

Ruyyan Cigarette

The first modern e-cigarette, by inventor Hon Lik.


Second Generation E-Cigarettes

Used by scientists to refer to tank systems, with cigalikes being first generation e-cigarettes.


The sensor is the component within the e cigarette which detects when the e smoker has taken a draw or drag on the device.

Short Fill

A short fill is a large bottle of high VG e-liquid that isn’t filled – this allows you to add a nicotine shot yourself – allowing you to have large volumes of e-liquid without contravening EU legislations on bottle sizes for e-liquids containing nicotine.


A type of wicking material that has largely been replaced by cotton and ceramic.

Smart Chip

The smart chip is the component within the e cigarette which allows it to function as it should.


Another phrase for e-liquid.

Smokeless Cigarette

Alternative phrase for electronic cigarette. Not commonly used by vapers, but often used in media stories about electronic cigarettes.


Snus is a moist form of smokeless tobacco which you place under your top lip.


Refers to the action of squeezing a bottle of e-liquid which is directly attached to the coil in your mod, these devices are called Squonk Kits.

Starter Kit

A vaping starter kit is as the name suggests a kit which contains all of the basic items someone new to e-smoking would need to get started as well as usually comprehensive instructions.

Stealth Vape

An electronic cigarette that is inconspicuous, with a low profile, that is easily concealed.

Stealth Vaping/Ghosting

Deliberately vaping in a way that is designed to minimise attention. Typically stealth vapers used certain techniques to minimise the amount of visible vaper exhaled and may use smaller, more discreet devices.

Steel Mesh

Used for building wicks.


An oxidation process that occurs between the flavouring, nicotine, and base (PG/VG) giving your juice time to become more flavourful.

Sub Ohming

Vaping with a coil with a resistance set below one ohm.



A Vape Tank is an e-liquid reservoir that houses the atomiser and is topped with a drip tip.

TC (Temperature Control)

When you set the temperature you want your atomiser to run at rather than the voltage or wattage. See Temperature Controlled Vaping for more info.

THR (Tobacco Harm Reduction)

Much of the scientific support for the electronic cigarette has come from scientists involved in tobacco harm reduction.


The radius and style of the attachment connector on an e-cigarette battery and the device being used to house your juice (atty, carto, clearo, etc).

Throat Hit

According to the vaper, the definition seems to vary, but essentially the feeling when the vapour hits your throat. Stronger throat hit requires high PG e-liquids.

Titanium Coils

Alternative to nickel coils. Titanium is stiffer, offers higher resistance and is easier to work with. However, there is some controversy over titanium, with some vapers questioning the safety.

Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)

Article 21 of the TPD puts into place major restrictions on e-cigarettes.


Topping up a cartridge with e-juice. Also known as topping off.


Unregulated/Non Regulated Mod

Refers to a Mod that does not have a regulating chip. May refer to mechanical or semi-mechanical mods.

USB Charger

This is an easy to use charger which enables you to charge your e cigarette battery via your computer or laptop’s USB port.



To vape is to smoke an e cigarette, so vaping, vaping, e smoke, and smoking are all the same.

Vape Porn

Pictures of e-cigs and e-juice. Used in forums and on social media mainly.


When you celebrate the day you switched from smoking to vaping.


An electronic cigarette user.

Vaper’s Tongue

Refers to a loss of taste, from suddenly going off a flavour to losing all taste for flavours.

Vapers In Power

A political party representing vapers in the UK and standing in elections to raise awareness of vaping issues.


Vapour when it comes to e smoking is the product that is inhaled by smokers which is produced by the gentle heating of the e liquid within the e cigarette.

Vapour Production

Vapour production refers to the amount of vapour the e cigarette produces for the e smoker to inhale.

Vapour Smoking

Vapour smoking is a lesser used term meaning e smoking or vaping; the act of inhaling the vapour from an e cigarette.

Vent Holes

Designed as a safety feature in batteries, these allow gases to be expelled from the battery.


When gases are released via the vent holes from an e-cig battery.


Vegetable Glycerin – A thick, syrupy sweet liquid used in e-liquids, more associated with cloud production.


Vaping on the toilet (we’ll try not to paint too vivid a picture for you here!).


Variable Voltage – Allows you to change voltage of your e-cigarette.


Variable Wattage – Allows you to change the wattage of your e-cigarette.



A measure for units of power. 1 Watt = 1 Joule per second.


Absorbant material used to draw the e-liquid into the heating element.

Work Horse

Many more serious vapers have a mod and/or tank that can withstand a lot of punishment from the elements, being dropped etc and this is the commonly used nickname.


(coils) A single revolution of a wire when building a coil. (batteries) a protective covering or sleeve to protect the batteries and mod. (mod) a sleeve to protect your box mod or kit.


Zero Nic

E-Liquid or cartridges that contain no nicotine.